Where Does The Money Go

2004 - 2015

The WHEAT Women's Fund was founded on 9 August 1998, as Women's Hope, Education and Training Trust. The fund was created to address human rights justice for women by providing grants to women-led organisations to capacitate them to create their own economic and social justice strategies that would elevate uniquely skilled women to become sustainable income earners. We believe in the power of women to change their lives and their immediate surroundings for the better.

For 10 years all proceeds raised from the 1000 Women Initiative were donated to WHEAT Trust to make small grants to grassroots women's groups to provide services and support to survivors of domestic violence, rape and abuse in the communities that they serve. In addition WHEAT Trust provided capacity building and supported AWARENESS Raising events in and around Cape Town. You can find more information on the organisation on www.wheattrust.co.za.

2016 Grantees

During 2016 the Trustees amended the grantmaking criteria and decided to invest the money in the following Thematic Areas:

  1. Safe Houses where women and girls can be safe until they have found alternative accommodation (Youth Centre)
  2. Information to women and girls on where to get support on line, in various centres (Tears Foundation, Reeva Steenkamp Foundation)
  3. Awareness Raising Campaigns – ANEX put your foot down (16 days of activism)
  4. Small Grants to Women's organisations to build their capacity and provide support to their Communities – WHEAT Trust

Your donations make a big difference to the lives of Women and Girls who are in unsafe relatioinships, who have been raped and who are being abuse. Please donate now.