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Rape Is Not a Game

Please sign the petition to STOP all games like RAPE DAY to be available on the internet or in our video games shops.

The women-led organisation 1000 Women Trust expressed its outrage, dismay and vehement opposition against the development and sale of the personal computer game Rape Day as announced by some computer game platforms in the IOL on 6 March 2019.

Tina Thiart, director of the 1000 Women Trust, said: “This is outrageous and we call on all women in South Africa to speak out and to join our movement to stop the launch and distribution of similar games in South Africa.”

It is claimed that one in three South African women are survivors of sexual violence where rape of teenagers and adult women and men is one of the highest in the world. It was reported by the police that 41% of reported rape is of children under the age of 12.

“This week in the newspaper we read about the terrible incidence of a young girl raped by her peers at a school outing,” Thiart said.

Thiart further said the 1000 Women will mobilise women and men to boycott the companies and sales of games that exploit women and their bodies.

She added there were mixed reports on the good and bad of computer games, but the 1000 Women Trust believed that violent computer games affected children in general very badly. According to research by Anderson and Bushman 2001, children who played violent games had increased aggressive thoughts and behaviour.

Women in South Africa should have a say in what games are being sold, what is available on the Internet and how our children are exposed to violence. “Rape is not acceptable. We are all working hard to create a new culture of no violence, advocating to eradicate violence against women and girls therefore this game should not be available in South Africa.

“We call on all mothers, daughters and men to stand together, to unite and to join us to keep the game from our shelves,” Thiart said.

“Women organisations are asked to join the 1000 Women Trust to sign a petition and to write to the government to be part of raising children who do not rape. Let’s #StandUp, let us say #StopRape.

Let us take a STAND on Human Rights Day!

“We appeal to the Government to do what it promised to do, to SAY NO to violence against women and girls and to ensure our children are not exposed to GAMES similar to RAPE Day. We demand legislation that places a ban on the sale and distribution of GAMES that involve RAPE, Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence,” Thiart added.

“We will turn every stone and walk to every office to ensure that Computer Games, television programmes and Internet content that call men to RAPE women are banned!


“We will support every call by organisations around the world to unite against games and platforms that promote rape, Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence!” says Thiart. Any interested party can join: please send mail to or phone 073 207907.

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