Since 2003 the 1000 Women initiative has been creating awareness, organising safe spaces for women and mobilising resources to amplify the voices of women and girls in South Africa.
The 1000 Women Trust, a registered non-profit organization believes that if women have access to knowledge, skills and resources they will find their own solutions to combat violence against women and girls.
We do this through various projects, grants, training initiatives and fundraising initiatives to ensure that our women and girls are empowered, inspired, educated and equipped for daily life. We are their voice when they don’t have one.


Thanks to everyone that signed and supported our campaign to keep our soup kitchens open – #WarOnHunger.

The 1000 Women 1 Voice #WON the case against the National Minister Department of DSD regarding directives Soup Kitchens.

Last month, the Cape Town High Court ruled in favor of The 1000 Women Trust and the Democratic Alliance that the department of social development cannot prevent the distribution of food during the COVID 19-pandemic to freely assist the hungry.

The case was brought after draft regulations shut down soup kitchens and placed still regulations on the distribution of food parcels.

“Now let us fight #GBV with the same solidarity”, founder Tina Thiart said after she received the news.

“We still need your help now more than ever to feed more than 20 000 people every day”, she added.

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We speak in color

The 1000 Women 1 Voice Trust developed a special lingo in partnership with Avon South Africa. We speak in colour. And hearts. Because sometimes you simply can’t say what you want to or really need to say. By using this very simple language of love, you can make sure that someone will hear you and be your voice. Let’s be a safe space for each other in challenging and uncertain times.
The language is simple and the colour of the heart conveys a specific message:

  • Blue/yellow heart – you are in a good place.
  • Green, black and red hearts – you might be anxious, exhausted or irritated, but you are coping.
  • Orange – you are experiencing gender-based violence and need urgent assistance.
  • Purple – you are experiencing trauma and require immediate assistance.
  • White – you are thankful and in a good space.
  • Brown –you are simply not sure how you feel.

Anti Bullying Programme

This year an awareness campaign against bullying in all forms has been launched by the 1000 Women Trust in the build up to the 1000 Women 1 Voice flagship fundraising luncheon that is being held at the CTICC on May 9th This event brings together 1000 women in unity as Ambassadors against violence against Women and Girls.

Prevalence of Bullying in Schools:

It’s reported that as many as 57% of South African learners have been bullied at some time during their high-school careers. When one considers that we have 2.2 million school-going children in this country, those percentages translate into truly staggering numbers.

This is alarming and 1000 Women Trust has decided to create awareness and provide Women and Girls to find their own solutions to the problem of Bullying in our communities.


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